Application process

How it works

Applications will be made through the application form at the end of this page. Participants will be selected on a first arrived, first served basis. The process will work as follows:

  • participant sends an application using the provided form
  • if room is available, payment details are sent to the participant; otherwise, participant is put on the waiting list
  • final confirmation is sent when payment is received; if no payment is received within 7 days, the application will be considered cancelled

Note that the two courses will be run in parallel. It is only possible to apply to a single course.


Course #1 /// Introduction to epidemiological analysis using R

Basic knowledge of R is encouraged but not mandatory. We ask that participants bring their own laptop, a travel adapter, and pre-install if possible:

  • the latest stable version of R installed, which can be downloaded from the R project website.
  • a code editor for R; if unsure, use Rstudio
  • for windows users, we recommend installing the matching version of Rtools
  • for Mac OSX users, a working version of Xcode

Course #2 /// Advanced course: tools for emergency outbreak response

Basic knowledge of R is mandatory for this course. This includes familiarity with the following:

  • basic classes of objects: vector, matrix, data.frame, list and how to handle them
  • reading data into R from text files or Excel spreadsheets
  • basic plotting system or gglot2
  • subsetting objects using the $, [, [[ operators
  • basic logical operations (==, !=, > etc.)
  • basic loops (for, lapply, tapply)
  • rmarkdown


The cost of the courses is broken down into registration and catering fees as follows:

  • RECON / EAN members: € 50
  • Students: € 60
  • Academic staff: € 120
  • Others: € 200


  • applications will open on the 20th September
  • payment must be received within 1 week of the payment request (otherwise application will be treated as cancelled)
  • final confirmations will be sent upon reception of payment

We will handle registrations on a first arrived, first served basis, and as such cannot predict dates of closure for applications.

Application form

Please apply using the application form below, or follow this link: